The aged people or known as senior citizens are the ones that need support and care if not from their own family, there are agencies or centers that were established to look after them. There are also programs for the aged as well as health services for adults with chronic diseases. For adults who need institutional care, the Adult Day Health Care Program was created. This program is a great help for both the senior citizens and adults who need proper care from health centers.

All throughout the state, there are senior citizen centers. Aside from the ADHC, there is another program that are intended for adults and seniors. This program is called the Community-Based Adult Services. The providers are required to have a license. Each program is created with an objective or purpose. For the CBAS program, it has good objectives that helps the elderly persons or adults with disabilities. As we all know, the life of the elderly and those with disabilities is not easy. This is why they need support.

Health professionals are the ones who look after the elderly people and provide health care which they need. Under the California Department of Aging, there is another program known as Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Program. There are funds provided to carry out this program. This includes multipurpose senior centers. The adults who have limited activities due to chronic diseases can learn some techniques and strategies through which they can manage or even reduce the risk of having other chronic diseases.