Facts about the Elderly Living in America

The United States of America is known as a developed country and is among the rich countries around the world. However, whether you believe it or not, there are people that lives in the country who live in poverty. In fact, according to some survey that was conducted, 1 in 5 women with an age of over 65 live alone in America. The sad fact is that they actually live in poverty. There are those who were not able to receive any support from their parents when they were young.

And when they grew up, they had to do the work alone in order to survive. Some were also unlucky because they were injured. Because of that injury, some were not able to work any longer. Another fact is that older women are twice as likely to live in poverty as men. The reason is wage discrimination, low wage jobs, death of a spouse, and divorce. Like this, some people who had experienced this will end to live in poverty having no support. Make your budget be organize from your financial. Check it here about this accounting firm who can help you, open this 會計事務所. This is something that will benefits you.

In America, 25% of black women with an age of 65 and above live in poverty. For the native American women, the percentage is higher than the black women in terms of those who live in poverty. For a senior who lives alone in California to meet her basic needs including food and medicines, the amount she needs is quite high. Actually, the average yearly Social Security Income for a retired woman is too low compared to the amount that she needs for survival.

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