The California Department of Aging have many different programs for adults and the elderly people. The medicare beneficiaries are the ones that can take advantage of the programs offered. To those who want to know some benefits that they can receive as well as health plans, there is a specific program for them. There are local programs that helps the beneficiaries with regards to the use of their Medicare benefits. All throughout the state, there are local HICAP offices. HICAP stands for Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program.

The said offices help the citizens to have  a free community education. Each individual can also have an opportunity to undergo counseling. The counselors can help the concerned citizens in terms of choosing the right Prescription Drug Plans as well as Medicare Health Plans. These counselors can also explain in detail about the policies and services offered. Only the California Medicare beneficiaries can grab the opportunity to have a confidential counseling. Adults and senior citizens or the elders can just visit the HICAP offices.

Through the counseling program, the elders  and other beneficiaries can know what to do. To those who want to have an appointment with a HICAP counselor, there are contact numbers that they can call. The children of the senior citizens are the ones who still have the responsibility to their parents. Though people in California are busy, there are ways to help the elderly people and those who have a chronic condition in terms of health. They too should be willing to undergo counseling.